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These excellent Photos were provided by Basil Clark.  Basil was a member of Delta from December 68 through December 69. Then he went to RECON platoon in Echo Company, until March 70, when he was medevac'd to Japan and then the States. 
Basil has Published a book titled "War Wounded, Let the Healing Begin" and has a web site. Check it out by clicking here.
We thank you Basil for sharing these excellent photos with your Delta Brothers
Basil Clark "Before"
Basil Clark "After a couple months in country"
Air Assault
Basil in front
Larry Parr behind (KIA April 26, 1969)

 Rough Landing.  LZ White
Waiting for Pick-Up, LZ Grant
Art Haines (L), Steve Kucklemann
Ramon Ramos, In Country R&R
George Gobel Visiting Delta
 Gobel Performing
Please ID.  Caribou Army Airforce
Leon Warnke, Sugar Bear, Steve Rouse (?) others (?)
L-R  Fragman, Sam Hill (?), Andy Rios, Sugar Bear, Larry Westbrook (?)
Ray Ferber on Left
Jon Dodson (LT),  PLT LDR, RECON LDR, Then Delta CO
John Baca.  Awarded M.O.H.
Likely RECON Platoon
More Basil Clark Photos (page 2)

I D Please
Steve Rouse
LZ Dolly, L-R, Jackie Hill, Gary Calloway (?), Gary DiRigne, UNK
I.D.'s Please
Rear, walking L-R, 1SG, not sure of other two, Foreground, L-R, Ramon Ramos (Taco), Sam Hill (?),
        David Roby (?)

 L-R  (?), Jackie Hill, Wayne Ducharme, Sugarbear, Mike Sahli (?), not sure of man with slingshot