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Thomas Crabtree is too modest to call this the "Crabtree Project".  But that's what I call it.  What is it?  It is a sophisticated plan to document the history of the 1/12th Cavalry in Vietnam from the standpoint of those who fought there.   It will be a documentary called "Boot to Boot". The project's scope is large.  But there is nothing like it. And when it is done, it will remain as a legacy to the members of the 1/12th for many years if not generations.

I urge each of you to consider providing your story and as much support as you can to get this done.  Thomas has a arranged for a professional to put this together. 

Attached are some details.  (Click below)
Contact Thomas Crabtree for answers to your questions. (See also the 12th Cav Newsletter  and the Charlie Company 1/12th web site.)
Legacy "Boot to Boot "description
Legacy "Boot to Boot"  Details
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