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More Delta Reunion 2015 Photos
Front Row:   Kirby,  Downs, Kent, Davey,
Back Row: Helgeson, Kjos, Neeley, Goff, Oakley

RECON PLATOON: Front (L to R): Trotter, Arnold
Middle Row: Rubio, Fell, Doole, Maior, Heidel
Back Row: Crary, Edwards, Watson, Rose, VanKirk, March
Not Shown but attending: R.O. Martin (RECON in 101st), Ruiz

The two men of the cloth:
Chaplain Lord and Pastor Dwight Edwards

Wilczak, Hargrave, Heidel
Front (L to R):  Gergulis, Rose, Heidel, Hargrave
Second Row: Wilczak, Rubio, Hargrave, Doole, Maior, Oxendine
Third Row: Ed Moon, R.O. Martin, Chaplain Lord, Fell, Trotter, Arnold,
Back Row: Nixon, Helgeson, VanKirk (behind Moon), March, Edwards, Crary, Watson, Corcoran, Ynostroza

Delta Company (1/12th) first ever reunion, in San Antonio TX.  It was a wonderful group of combat veterans gathered together and having a great time.   (Click on photos to enlarge)