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These photos were generously provided by Captain (then) Earl Flock, who was Delta Company Commander in 1968.   He was also the Battalion S-4 and Battalion S-3 Air.  He arrived in Vietnam 04/68 and departed 03/69.  He then served a second tour as a helicopter pilot with  the 173d AHC as XO and 223d CAB as S-4 in 71-72.
Thanks Earl for sending these great pictures.
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Flock Page 2 Photos
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Captain Flock
Battalion Entrance at Sharon
John McCarty. On the right: Chu Hoi, who often walked point.
L-R:  Ken Goff, Frank Lloyd, Richard Reeves  'Preacher' , John McCarty, two toher RTO's (names?)
Left, Brigade Cmdr speaking with Captain Flock on right, out in what's left of the bush.
A General visiting Song Be
Captains Flock (left) and Kent (right)
Motor Pool SGT.
Jeep Driver for Capt. Flock as Battalion S-4
Vietnamese women gathering wood
Capt Flock with local girl who liked the G.I.s and learned to salute the dai uy (Di Wee)
'Preacher', believed to be Richard Reeves
Near Firebase Ann vicinity
Artillery F.O. (Name please)
John McCarty, Ken Goff  facing camera with watch.
Robert Brownlee in lead.  (KIA)
Platoon Leader

Artillery F.O.