The following photos are generously provided by Eldon Hankins who was in Delta Company from November 1968 until January 1970. He went from E-3 to E-6 during that period.  He was a 1st Platoon and Company level RTO.  Later he was the Company Log rep at Phuc Vinh and Company Supply SGT at Tay Ninh.  Thanks Eldon for sending in these great pictures.
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Eldon Hankins, who provided these pictures.  Great Sign.
Capt. Roger Bultman on left with his RTOS and Artillery L.O.  Photo taken on the day of three KIA's from Delta. (April 26, 1969)
Charles Peckham
Jim Brown
Eldon in "Bulletin" Building at Tay Ninh
Chinook Workhorse
Paul Neeley (Platoon SGT., KIA) writing, LT Hawkins sleeping
1st PLatoon Hqtrs group. Eldon, Joe (Medic), Paul Neeley (KIA), LT. Hawkins.
Eldon, Richard Blake
Battalion S-2 Briefing
CIB Presentation Ceremony.
LT. Ruedisile, Capt. Bultman

Eldon Hankins receiving CIB from Capt Bultman

Company RTO's.
On right with glasses and face in the light is the Company Medic

L.  Ken Rimmer, R. Charles Peckham
Eldon next to nice weapons cashe
Good photo, trailing formation
They call it "Mellow Yellow"
Richard Blake (?) with glasses and Eldon.
Swimming during a truce period.  Eldon and ?
From Right to Left
Unknown. Ruben Martinez, Gary Becker (Squad SGT.)  Unknown

Gary Becker (Porcupine) briefing the squad
Left, nickname Possum, Right is Roy ?