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Lt. John Wyatt and Lt. Tom Kjos on right.
Jim King,  (unknown),  Dan McFadden, Frank Noel
Jamie Swidecki
Jamie Swidecki on right
James King.  Beer delivery on LZ Sharon.
In flight.  headed towards trouble.
In Flight..perhaps to the A Shau Valley
Part of Third Platoon.  I.D.s needed
Pacilio and McDonald
Lt. Tom Kjos.  LZ Sharon
Waiting for re-supply in Quang Tri province
Victor Pacilio and unknown (I.D.?)
Jamie Swidecki and SGT Crowder (squad leader in 3rd Platoon)
Victor Pacilio and SGT John Pratt. LZ Sharon
Our thanks to Tom Kjos for providing these great pictures of 1968 places, people and events.
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Brian Tierney. 3rd Platoon RTO for Tom Kjos. RIP
Brian Tierney
Awarded DSC Posthumously

Chinook Lift
3RD Platoon Squad.  Note Delta Water Cans.
1st SGT John Simmons, an outstanding NCO.  LZ Sharon.
(Thanks Dick Kent for I.D.)

Daniel McFadden, far right foreground
Daniel McFadden on left. John McCarty Right

McFadden Ice Delivery. LZ Sharon
Tall person in the back  is Robert (Slim) Taylor
Person without shirt is Clarence (Smitty) Smith...next to him with the C-rat box may be Pacilio....and the next may be Crowder

Click here to read this article.  Note: there are several missprints in the article, mostly spelling.  It says B company but actually it's D Company
Photo provided by John Kirby, D Company Artillery F.O. 3rd Platoon along highway 9 between Khe Sanh and Lang Vei Special Forces Camp. NVA weapons abandoned on the battlefield.

Jim King, center; Dan McFadden, left center, with Cav patch; Tom Kjos left center rear.

 Dan McFadden identified    Robert "Slim" Taylor on the "mule"

Log Pad, LZ Sharon, 1968
First Cav Christmas Card
Cobra, LZ Sharon
Delta HQ, LZ Sharon
(Quang Tri)

LTC French  1/12th Battalion CO
October 1967-March 1968

Photo added Sept 2017.  Provided by Tim Dyer.
L-R, LT Kjos, LT Davey, Capt. Flock (maybe), FO replacement for LT Kirby (maybe), and Ed Johnson in rear.

Dan McFadden center back seated. Standing with glasses is Brian Tierney,  Sitting next to McFadden on his right with his legs crossed is Jim King.
Seated in front of Tierney and to the left of McFadden is Ken Goff.