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Most (but not all) of the following are pictures taken at the 1st Cavalry Reunion in Portland Oregon,  June 2012.  For those that attended, it was truly an extraordinary event.  The camaraderie was fantastic and the Delta Company troopers had a wonderful reunion.  Send in a current photo of yourself and it will be posted here. (Many more pictures to follow. See links at bottom of page for more photos.)
Then and Now
Bob Ruiz
Larry White from the Mortar platoon "found" at the Reunion.  Larry went to Fiddler's Green June 5, 2014
(L to R) Bob Ruiz, Larry White, John Gergulis, Bob March, Mike Van Kirk,  Chuck Rose
Holding the VC Flag captured West of Plei Me by Delta, and the Original D Company 1/187th "Rakasan" Flag. 
 John Gergulis (seated), Bob March, Mike Van Kirk, "Doc" Anderson.
The Delta Wives who attended the Reunion . (L to R) Babes Gergulis, Katherine March, and Jai Rose
Another Delta Company souvenir. Captured NVA Belt with Star
Chuck Rose, NVA Pack and Belt
More of the Delta Devils including "Doc" Anderson, medic for Delta Company,  who arrived in Delta October '66. 
He will be added to the roster.

Delta Company attendees, including "Doc".  Trooper on the right is a friend of Larry White, who was in 82nd Airborne.
John Gergulis and Larry White
John Gergulis made a great  spontaneous speech at the luncheon event.
The 1/12th attendees at lunch.
John Gergulis modelling  a door prize he won.
Mike Van Kirk
John Gergulis telling the story of Delta
Ruiz, Rose, White and Gurgulis
Banquet with leader of 1St Cav Association
Company Intelligence Analysis. March, Van Kirk, Rose, Ruiz
Paparazzi taking photos of John Gergulis
Banquet Camaraderie
Robert Sturdivant.  Was Weapons Platoon Leader.
Boot to Boot .

More Reunion Photos
Dwight and John Return to RVN