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Here are some examples of the attempts by both sides to undermine the moral of the troops.  The intent was to get them to defect to the "other side", or at least quit . (Click on the documents to enlarge)
The following documents were submitted by George Maior  of Delta 1/12th 1965/66 (Thanks George) and also appear on his photo page 6. These documents were dropped by the millions in our area of operations.
The following document was submitted by Leonard Bertuli from D Company 2/12th of the First Cav.   Len retrieved the document from a KIA NVA in 1969. This is a very interesting document, as it is directed specifically at the First Cavalry Division.  There is a bullet hole in the document.  It contains many of the lies mouthed by the anti-war factions in the USA, who swallowed the propaganda as a moral justification for avoiding the draft.  (Thanks Len for submitting.)