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In March 2014 Dwight Edwards and John Gergulis went back to Vietnam to visit.  They are the "advanced party" for Company D.    John and Dwight will have more details for us at Branson.  Thanks to them for providing the photos. (Click on photos to enlarge. Music is the South Vietnam National Anthem.  South Vietnam that will rise again.)
Hanoi Hilton House Rules
Hanoi Hilton Front Today
John Gergulis and Dwight Edwards.  Hue with red flag. 

Here is an article written about John and Dwight's return to Vietnam in a Florida newspaper

Dwight, remembering the snakes we ate in RECON
John at the end of the old Ben Hoa runway. 
Montagnard Village.  (The North Vietnamese allowed some to live.)
Montagnard Village kids.
Bomb Craters at Special Forces camp in the famed A Shau Valley
John and Dwight at Hue.
Citadel in the background

Bullet holes left over from the war in the Citadel, Hue
Dwight in Pleiku
Pleiku in 2014, a growing concern. Lots of construction
Here we are in Hue
Trail at Hamburger Hill area
Hamburger Hill trail
R&R in Pleiku today
John and Joel after lunch at An Khe
Fellow Travelers at Hue
Modern Day Hostess. 
The "Rockpile"
The Group in front of the tomb of the murdering communist Ho Chi Minh
Memorial build in honor of the communist military defeat, but political victory (thanks to Ted Kennedy) at Hamburger Hill
Dwight Edwards wrote a poem inspired by a shot-up Catholic Church in Vietnam.  (Click here to view.)
"V" for Victory
John and Dwight with Old War Veteran
Uncle Ho's Tomb