These photos were provided by Charles Tapp's daughter, Brooke after his death in 2014. Charles was an early replacement, arriving in January of 1966, after his recovery from wounds received while fighting in the Dominican Republic with the 82nd Airborne Division.   Charles was a member of Delta Company for only three months. He was severely wounded on April 2, 1966, near the Cambodian border at LZ Eagle (along with several other Delta Company members).  He made contact with Delta Company members again in 2013.  And even though he was in Vietnam only a short time before being wounded, for the rest of his life he identified with his brothers in Delta.
Many photos were of base camp.  (We were not allowed to take cameras to the field in 65/66.) Some show his experience in D.R.

Charles receiving his first Purple Heart after his action in the Dominican Republic with the 82nd Airborne.
Charles and his brothers outside the mess hall at Ft.  Bragg.  All have CIB's from DR
Company Street at An Khe
Company Area Early 66
Looking towards the creek
RVN.  Not sure where. Qui Nhon? Too big for An Khe
Highway 19
Where VC live
Charlie.  Our camp mascot.
Chinook over base camp
In D.R.
Ready to Jump
Jump School
Sleep is hard to get in the Army
Road Block in DR
Charles at 2 years old with his sister Avis. 1948. Largo Fl.
Charles in his later years.
Charles and his very devoted daughter Brooke
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In D.R.
Barracks life in the 82nd.  Shining Jump Boots
Orders for his second Purple Heart.  Note also the other Delta Company members. 
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