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1966 Battalion History (all year)
PDF File (1 Meg 1965,10 Megs 1966) An excellent summary of operations during 1965 and 1966. Includes data such as awards. This a "must read". Thanks to our first CO, Capt. Gergulis, for providing this valuable information and to Chuck Rose for getting the 1966 history digitized.

(Note to view the 1965 history, first open the file using adobe reader then rotate it  to make it vertical.)
This page is set aside for stories, general information, and comments from Delta Company 1/12 members.  As such this page is "under construction" and YOUR INPUTS are hereby solicited. The 1966  Battalion History document (see link at left) is a good source for triggering those long buried memories.  E-mail the webmaster (recondelta@embarqmail.com) your inputs (stories,  topics, poems, and observations, or questions) and they will be posted here.  They can be one sentence or a long story.  Use your imagination to entertain your fellow troopers.

Recently, at the Branson Reunion,  a few story topics were discussed. While much elaboration is needed, these topics summaries do not do justice to the actual stories, they may stimulate some thought, or better yet maybe someone will send in a paragraph for all to read.

 Starting with events in the 11th Air Assault:

Events while in transit aboard USS Geiger

Events while in Vietnam. 

There are many possible observations and topics. Here are a few suggested story topic examples. There are many others: Those in Red added while at Branson 2013

Days in the Field
Deployment Orders 1
Deployment Orders 2
Deployment Orders 3
Deployment Orders 4
Deployment Orders 5
Deployment Orders Letter
The following are the original orders sending D Company to Vietnam. Thanks to Sgt. Mike Van Kirk for providing.
First Presidential Unit Citation
US Army History "Airmobility Comes of Age"
SP4 Promotion Orders
Air Medal Orders 1
Air Medal Orders 2
1965 Battalion History
For most of us, we knew enough information to do our jobs, but were more or less oblivious of the "big picture".   We knew, for example, that we were a part of Operation Masher or White Wing, maybe we even knew that Division Intelligence believed there was a battalion of VC or NVA located in some particular area and we were going there to "find and fix" them. But we did not know what other units were doing in the area and how the operation was coordinated at higher levels.  The below links are high level summaries of some of the operations in which we participated, and they give us an enhanced perspective.
After Action Report Bong Son, Part A
After Action Report Bong Son, Part B
Operation Crazy Horse, A
Operation Crazy Horse, B
First Cav. Report 65-66 A
First Cav. Report 65-66 ,B
First Cav. Report 65-66, C
CIB Orders 1
CIB Orders 2
CIB Orders 3
Air Assault Orders
Air Assault Orders 2
Thanks to Julian Ynostroza for sending the Air Assault orders.
1966 Battalion History (Half Year)
CIB Orders 1969