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12th Cavalry Regiment Association
1st Cav Division Association
1st 69 th Armor
Everyone has their preference. This could be it.  It contains a tremendous bank of useful information, including MAPS of D Company and Ist Cav AO.  There is lots of useful information describing how to obtain information from various government records.
First Team.US
Excellent high level overview of 1st Cavalry History in Vietnam. Lots of good history.
Join this organization.  For $10 you can be a lifetime member and receive their newspaper and other goodies. Definitely worth it.
Aviation Unit Photos
Excellent photo collection showing much of the set-up of the An Khe base camp, with plenty  of helicopter related details
Exposing Myths
about the Vietnam War

Excellent article which dispells many of the lies spread by the media about Vietnam and the soldiers who fought it.  Well worth reading.
This website the shows a variety of data and information of interest.  Well worth exploring in depth.
More Vietnam War Myths Dispelled
Ditto Above
The above picture illustrates a great story about  Frank Heidel (right) and Chuck Doole (left) who finally got together after 40+ years.  Read the story how Frank returned Chuck's grandmother's rosary; which Chuck had given to Frank, as Chuck was being loaded on a medevac helicopter in May of 1966. He had been shot.  (Click on the picture to bring up the newspaper article describing the event.)
Many of us remember that day. 
Chuck was wounded several times during his tour of duty.

Goodbye Vietnam
No matter how you feel about your experience in Vietnam, this is an excellent video, accurately describing the way things were and what we overcame. Highly recommended.
Dwight Edwards and Chuck Rose at the Branson Reunion. 2011
Beyond the Battlefield.  Good article about Dwight Edwards and his life. (Click here.)
HEROES of the Vietnam Generation
Read This Article: "That the boomer elites can canonize this sort of conduct in our fathers' generation while ignoring it in our own is more than simple oversight. It is a conscious, continuing travesty." James Webb

(Takes a few seconds to load from an archive site. Give it time.)

The Famous Coconut Cake incident has a happy ending.  Jim Bledsole observes the return of his  "MIA" Coconut Cake which disappeared in Vietnam.  He and Frank Oxendine celebrate together in Hope Mills, N.C. 47 years later.  Jim and Frank found out they are practically neighbors after 47 years. (Click here for full story in Word Format.)
Hello Vietnam
Worth listening to for us vets. A different perspective.
Charlie Company 1/12th web site
Check out our sister company's very interesting web site.  Lots of pictures and other info that  will resonate with our memories.  Doug Warden has an excellent article here that describes many of the events in which Delta was also involved.   See "C company History."  You need a guest password to view the site, so sign up and get one.  It's worth it.
 Ann Margaret web sight.
Unlike Jane Fonda, who behaved dispicably during the Vietnam war,  Ann Margaret was a wonderful supporter of the troops.  We thank Ann for her support.  This site has pictures of her entertainment tours in Vietnam as well as comments from many RVN Veterans.
Here is John gergulis and Dwight Edwards during their return trip to RVN. 
Click here to read the article written in a Florida Newspaper.

Vietnam 50 Year Tribute
Great Narrative and photos recognizing the US Veterans and our Allies
The Vietnam War,  An Overview by Captain Dodson (CO Delta)
A must read.  Puts the war in perspective and oveturns many myths.
Speech at Boston College by Captain Paul P Daley (USN retired)
Another great read which every Vietnam Vet should take to heart
Newspaper Article written by R.O Martin, one of "our own" from Delta Company originally
This is a long video, but one that all vets should be aware.  Check your DD 214 for the "secret code".
You Tube Video.  Check your DD 214 .  There has been lots of deceit perpetrated on Veterans.  In some cases it has ruined lives.
Great article that expresses many views abou the Vietnam war shared by many vets today.
Click here for SPN codes found on DD-214
John Baca, Delta Company Medal of Honor recipient.  Info article. (Click here.)
Interesting link to a Delta Company ambush experience in the Tam Quan area.  Check it out