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Chuck Rose and Phil Byron (holding the Company pet dog).  Phil is reported to be in Massachusetts somewhere, but has not been located.  Chuck finished his tour with D Company, went to OCS, then returned to Vietnam with the 4th Infantry Division as a Company Commander.  There he patrolled the same AO as he did before with the 1st Cav. He was severely wounded and spent a year in the hospital in the states.
Here's another good picture of Chuck that he sent home to his girlfriend (now wife). You can see Hon Cong mountain in the back ground, framed by the squad tents we lived in on the rare occasions that we were in base camp.
Chuck Rose and Sgt Lute with the company pet monkey on his back.  The pet dog is following along.  SGT Harry Lute was KIA  leading a squad when we engaged in an intense fire fight with a numerically superior force. He was a hard charger and great squad leader.  Most who have been interviewed regarded him as a mentor and think of him often.
Dwight Edwards (left) and Donald Freed (right). Dwight has written books inspired by his experiences in Vietnam, and lives in Harrisburg Pa.
Freed's wearing new jungle boots.
Donald Trotter (left), Carl Colarusso, and  Oswaldo Sagui (right)
Carl "Combat" Colarusso with a good shot of the Company path in the dry season. 
Carl Colarusso in front of the squad tent
Carl Colarusso.  Looks like Hon Cong mountain in the back ground.
A Note about Photos.
A casual look at the photos made available, might give the mistaken impression that most of our time was spent in base camp.  In fact the opposite was true.  Estimates are we spent less than 15 days a year actually in base camp. The rest of the time was in the field (sometimes on the "green line"), where carrying cameras around was not practical.  They added extra weight to the usually overloaded pack, and cameras did not survive well in the wet, sometimes shock and  projectile ridden environment.
Most of the photos were taken with the old "Instamatic" camera.
Chuck Rose in the Company area and jump boots.
PFC Chuck Rose and SSG Noah Cornell  while in 11th A.A. Training