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Photos Submitted by Julian Ynostroza.  He also provided orders, in particular orders for the "Air Assault" badge, which can be found on the "Info" page of this web site. Thanks Julian
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Safe Conduct passes. Take these with you if you travel back to RVN
PFC Ynostroza in Company area before going to Vietnam
PFC Ynostroza. Company barracks
PFC Altizer
PFC Bays, PFC Altizer, SSG Thornhill
PFC Ynostroza. C-119
PFC Ynostroza. "Stand in the door."
Artillery-Prepped for heavy drop
Jeep-Prepped for heavy drop
SP4 Ynostroza, Orderly Room at Delta Company's base camp in An Khe Vietnam. Hon Cong Mountain in Background
USO Banner Preparing for Show
An Khe Scene
Great Picture of the beautiful Ann Margaret performing.  She "stepped up".  We honor her and thank her.
Ann Margaret and The Johnny Rivers Band
Julian and Friend (I.D.?) with biker transportation back to base camp
Charlie and ViCkie (VC) are two favorite pets in the company area. 
Charlie liked his perch near the stream crossing
Happy (Sin) City Bars
Sin City Bars filled up fast
The "Main Rotor" Restuarant.  An Khe
Delta Company Area, February 1966
Delta Company Area, February 1966
Vietnamese kids near An Khe 1966
Jeep with 106mm Recoilless Rifle
ATV (Army Mule) near Delta Storage area
The "Green Line" Division Boundary.  Most of us spent some time there.
The "Green Line" with chopers coming in low
Julian Ynostroza on R&R in Taiwan
More of Julian in Taiwan
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