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Captain Gergulis in the lead of the convoy at Pleiku. One of many Delta Company assignments.  (We happen to have pictures of this one.)
Heavy Weapons troopers preparing for covoy to Pleiku Dec 31, 1965.
They mounted this 50 cal on a jeep to "lead the way". 
More of the key leadership in Delta company.  Field First Sergeant (SSG?)  Pierce looked out for his troops and made sure we had what we needed (ammo, food, water).  PSG McLaurin  provided  life saving leadership to RECON Platoon as the lead NCO in the platoon. SGT Oyler, SGT Webb and SGT Van Kirk all kept things going  in their respective squads.  Many D company NCO's were Rangers, and some had been to Jungle Warfare school (Recondo).  All of course were Airborne.
The Viet Cong civil engineering
strikes again.
Part of Weapons Platoon takes a needed break
Frank Oxendine.  What's he thinking about?
Cunningham and SGT Oyler.
Notice the tent flap for the heat. 
Hill Side at Pleiku.  This later became the location of a large base.
Mortar crew carrying out their mission.
SGT Oyler and SP4 Ynostroza preparing to use the weapons platoon secret washing machine. Identify the trooper in the background.
Here is SSG Pierce looking out for the troops before they  were allowed to go to town on one of those too infrequent occasions. (Mick, Oxendine and Corcoran can be seen here waiting.)
SGT Griffith.  Looks like he's on Patrol. Other's (unidentified) following with mortars.
Haircut in Bong Son.  Sgt Oyler keeping himself "Strack". Notice the typical poncho "hooch" emulating the architectural sophistication of the native buildings behind it. Also notice the large tent (CP?) placed  more or less in the middle of the village. 
You'll notice that no one, except SGT Oyler in this picture, has jungle fatigues.  Of course  by this time, everyone in Saigon and major supply areas had jungle fatigues and jungle boots lined up nice and polished. 
Majority of photos provided by SGT Oyler.
SGT Oyler was severely wounded on April 1, 1966 and was medevacd out.  We are lucky to have these pictures. Thanks Al.

The Green Line, around Camp Radcliffe.
Most of us had the pleasure of spending  a little  time there. (Individual not identified.)
Another group taking a break and finding some meager shade in the hot sun.  Of note: Captain Warren is shown in this photo.  He became Company Commander  of Delta, then went to Charlie Company when their CO was killed. (We need more details on the rotation and identification of the officers who led us over the months.)
Base Camp Early Warning System
Does anyone remember this town? Extensive "Pacification" was practiced here.
Captain Gergulis (center) with SFC Dixon and WO Callahan.

Robert Mitchum visiting in 1966. Captain Gergulis (right) and Captain Maxwell, Batalion S-1 (left). 
Listen to Robert Mitchum's 1966 interview. He must have been impressed by his visit. (Click here.)
Captain Gergulis with Mortar
Update: Unknown soldier is Corcoran
SGT,s  Larry Cheney, David Griffin,  John Cunningham.  (Left to Right)
Photo provided by Larry Cheney who was assigned to RECON Platoon as F.O.  He used is skills to get us out of trouble.