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Carl "Combat" Colarusso.  Is this before, or after, going on R&R?

David Bailey (facing camera) and Gerald Darby, behind him looking down.  Help ID all.   Bailey was wounded April 7, died April 8, 1966.
Christopher Trombetta and others behind. 
More wonderful photos from Robert Ruiz. Thanks Robert.
 Inputs are requested for ID of many.

SGT Stevens from Special Forces at the Duc Co Special forces camp. Delta members in background. We went to Duc Co several times that year.  It was very close to the Cambodian border just North of Highway 19.
The Duc Co camp had just been attacked.  We were sent to help relieve the camp.  Here we have Delta listening to details of the attack.  Looks like Mifflin Tichenor on the far left but hard to tell. 
Good Photo of SGT Harry Lute.  He was a great squad leader in Recon Platoon.  KIA April 7, 1966
SSG Rubio and SGT Webb.  Both squad leaders in Recon Platoon of Delta Company. 
Oswaldo Sagui
SGT Webb.  After completing his tour of duty with Delta, he went to flight school, became a Helicopter pilot and was  KIA during his second tour in 1971. He was a First Lieutenant, Airborne, Ranger Aircraft Commander at the time of his death. RIP LT. Webb.
Who am I?
Who are we? Possibly Ynostroza on left
Blackjack, Poker, Dice. Carl Colarusso and ?
I didn't volunteer for this.  (Who am I?)
Trying to stay cool. John Rockwell is in the center wearing glasses. (Recognize anyone else?)
On a day pass downtown, drinking the local beer, probably Ba Mui Ba. I recognize her, and Oswaldo Sagui and Randall Bays.
Randall Bays
Randall Bays (left) and Oswaldo Sagui
Must be a government project. Lots of supervisors.
From Bob March. This is what the lady in the above photo was looking for.  The Vietnamese were wise planners.  Now the old MPC's are worth MORE than dollars.
Location of Webb KIA