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The following photos were graciously forwarded by Alex Barber and originated by Don Trotter.  Many thanks. Great photos.
Contact webmaster to help ID faces. (recondelta@embarqmail.com)

Akex Barber (left), Don Trotter (right). Looks like waiting at the golf course for an air assault pick-up.
SSG McLaurin and SGT Lute behind to the left.

Alex Barber (right) with Frank Crary.  As point man, Frank stared down a king cobra during a night patrol. He also flanked an NVA machine gun position and took it out in a fire fight.
  Help I.D. these guys. Don Trotter is front right, John Childers is front left. Middle row in the middle is Alphonzo Stoutamire. Need the names of the others. The guy on the far left is practicing to be in a POW photo.
John Childers (?)
VC POW and  LT ???
This picture and the facial expressions say volumes.

Appears to be Company CP. Radio mounted up high for better comms. 
Slightly different camera shots here. (Names for faces)

Christopher Trombetta and Charles Miller (?) posing for wash day in the jungle. Charles Miller volunteered to brave withering fire to check that SGT Lute was actually dead before calling in artillery.  Miller received a bullet through his helmet, which by a miracle missed his head, for the heroic effort.
Money changed hands in the field. I.D. please.
Trooper on M-60. Who is he?