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The following photos were graciously forwarded by George Maior from his collection.  It's an unusual compilation of great material that many of you will remember. Click on photos to show full size.  Contact webmaster to help ID faces. (recondelta@embarqmail.com)
Carlos Mercado
George P Maior, who provided these photos.
Military Payment Certificate (MPC). Invented to reduce the black market in green backs.
Some of you may remember this calling card.
North Vietnamese Stamp used during the WAR.  Click on this and look at the depiction of their war. (Rare)
Leaflet dropped during the War.  The idea was to encourage entry to the "Chu Hoi" program by thinking about the effect of war on the family.
"Boom Boom" house in An Khe taken from a jeep.
Down Town  An Khe showing its typical ambience.
Goerge Maior in base camp
Charles Miller (above and below photos)  Charlie is remembered as a brave soldier. RIP Charlie
Another great leaflet depicting the weapons the enemy faced. Their generals and politicians used their soldiers like canon fodder, with 1.4 million KIA during the war (more than 24 times the US KIA ).  In 1965 and 1966 we admired their soldier's bravery, especially the NVA, and deplored their leader's communist fanaticism and effort to inflict the communist will on the South. And we still respect their soldiers today. The Vietnamese writing on the back side of the  pamphlet encourages "Chu Hoi". (Would like to have an exact translation.)
Communist soldiers,  believed to have been  KIA  somewhere between Plei Me and the  Cambodian border. We honor them as worthy opponents and brave soldiers.
Unknown. I.D. this soldier
George Maior, on leave before going to RVN
Examining a captured cross bow.
The name of this soldier is disputed. Please I.D. soldier.

Vietnamese friends of George Maior in An Khe. The mother of the children had been murdered by the Viet Cong. Father and Uncle are above.