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Rabbit, Blum, Nieves, Milford, Lee (L to R)
Larry White's photos.  Larry White met other Troopers from Delta at the 2012 First Cavalry Division Reunion in Portland Oregon.  He had a treasure trove of pictures which he has graciously provided for all to view.  Larry White left us for Fiddler's green on June 5, 2014.  RIP Buddy.  We'll see you there.
Larry White, who provided these photos
Thanks Larry.

Passing Through the Panama Canal on the Way to RVN
The first accommodations "in country" soon after arrival An Khe
Sign outside Company HQ after several months of base camp development
Mather and Jefferys in the field May 14 1966
Harold Hatmaker on Mortar
The first Shower
One of the many spent machine gun belts (Larry White and  "Boo" Mather)
A small collection of captured NVA Arms. (We had Quonset huts filled with them.)
Larry White, Gary Hargrave , and Tom Mefford (L to R)
Cranston Wright on 50 cal.
Larry White, Tom Mefford
Robert Wilkins, SSG Perpetua, Reggie Anderson.  SSG Perpetua was KIA Dec 17 1966 and was awarded the Silver Star for his actions.
Spacious Quarters aboard USS Geiger in transit to RVN. Discussion of the "Eigth Wonder of the World" in process.
Gary Hargrave
Larry White ready with M-16. Chuck Shirtliff in background.
Mobile 8 inch gun near Bong Son mid May 1966.  Supported intense actions in the area. 
Some base camp entertainment
Casper Mather, known as "Boo"
Battalion Street
Larry White and Ed Waltz in support of artillery position
More Innovative Accommodations
Bob Davis and Larry White
Barbecued Duck and Chicken. (L to R)  Larry White, UNK, Rockwell, UNK (Please ID the unknown troopers)
Larry White with 50 Cal in Company area