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The following great set of photos were provided by Roger Carpenter, who was Platoon Leader of the RECON Platoon.  Thanks for sending these Roger.
(Click on the photos to enlarge. Turn on the computer audio.)

Lt. Carpenter, who provided these photos.  (RECON Platoon leader)
SSG McLaurin, RECON PSG, (left) SP4 Stoutamire (right).  Need ID of middle tropper.
Helo lift coming in to pick us up.
BS Session in base camp An Khe.
155 ready to fire at a fire support base, probably in the Bon Song area. (These things were LOUD)
SSG Hofmister, Weapons PSG, in the field
Battalion Chapel, An Khe
C-123 Landing
Base Camp Green Line Workers.  Some were V.C. and paced off distances for a later mortar attack.
Caribou aircraft taking off
CH-47 cockpit controls, during a move.
Company CP in the field.
Doing dishes the Army way.  Near the mess hall, during the monsoon season.
A stable of 106's.  They were a little too heavy to move in the field.
Chinook landing on Lt. Carpenter
Chinook Ladder Troop Insertion
Family Farm in the boonies
Bunker ins the boonies.  It made for fine living and protection at a FSB.
View from a Chopper on one of our many lifts.  Vietnam usually looked very beautiful from this altitude.
Heading for an Air Assault.   We could recognize our buddies in the next chopper.  Usually  a mix of exhilaration and trepidation.  The action is usually where the smoke is.
Hill Top in Bong Son area.
Kid riding local taxi
Captain Bill Lord, our battalion chaplain, helped us both spiritually, and on the battle field.  Click here to read an article about him, written at LZ Hawk