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Infantry field shower
Kids Faces.  Hope they were able to flee RVN after the US Congress pulled the plug on them.
Company area looking up the hill toward Battalion
Modern Day mule drivers. The mule was one of the first off road recreational vehicles. Names of Drivers??
Some of the guys at Battalion (Names??)
Our Tool of the Trade
Typical Vietnamese in the boonies....or....PapaSan carrying a loud of hand grenades to his friends in the hills?
Part of the R&R experience in Saigon.  The tour guides were outstanding and competent.
Vietnamese Family in the Boondocks
Smiling Vietnamese Kid
Our motel quarters, just on the South side of town
A water buffalo was a major family asset.  They are good to eat, as Delta found out, but it can be expensive, as Capt. Gergulis found out.
Second page of the great set of photos provided by Roger Carpenter. 
155 Bore
Battalion Shower
Battalion HQ Sign
Latrine Area
Trading Post
Typical RECON patrol territory.  We climbed up and down the hills incessantly in 100 degree plus temperatures and high humidity.
105MM at High Angle
Meeting locals on patrol
Water Buffalo with friend
General Shot.  Perimeter duty?
Scout Choppers