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This is a fine collection of photos provided by Frank Crary from RECON Platoon.  There are many faces in these photos that we still need to identify, so please send in your comments to better ID our brothers.  Many thanks to Frank for providing these great pictures. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Donald Freed and  Ralph Fordyce
Terry Langhorn on drop zone
Frank Crary playing with Charlie  the mascot monkey.
Frank Crary
Charlie Miller
Miller on right. ( ID others.)
Larry White (Passed in 2014)
Jerry Faust
Crary Photos Page 2
Chuck Doole
Just after a fire fight in which the RTO was wounded
Hon Cong Mtn in background with Cav. Patch
Crary Scrapbook Page
Village hut with Buddhist symbol on roof
Delta Company HQ
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Crary Photos Page 3
Ralph Fordyce
Mifflin Tichenor in the 187th at Ft. Benning. Preparing for Air Assault Test Exercise