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Note:  The entire list of KIA from Delta Co, 1/12th may be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


Medics had one of the most difficult jobs of all.  When our strongest instincts told us to keep our head down and stay low, when things were really dangerous, when the brush around us is being mowed down by bullets, that's when the medics went into action; bravely exposing themselves to help the rest of us.
SP4 Baylor lived up to the highest standards of his medical training, as well as that of a brother in arms and a human being. He died trying to help another trooper, who was wounded during  that intense fire fight.  Baylor received a Bronze Star with V device for his final actions, and deserves special recognition  from us all. We'll never forget you PFC Baylor.

The above is PFC Baylor's obituary from a Baltimore Newspaper,  dated April 16. 1966.  We knew him for the man he was, and still is, in our hearts, and those of his family. He treated many of us for wounds and other health problems like malaria.
He was killed during the same action that resulted also in Sgt Lute and  SP4 Bailey KIA, April 7 1966.

(Note: Medics technically were assigned to Headquarters Company, and therefore Baylor's name does not appear in some KIA  summaries for Delta Company.  For the same reason medic names generally do not appear with our own orders we may have kept, so it is more difficult to track them down. But, of course to us, PFC Baylor was as much a part of Delta Company as any of the rest of us.
There were other medics assigned to Headquarters Comapny, but attached to Delta Company, who were KIA during 65/66.  Anyone who has knowledge of their names please contact the webmaster.)
Combat Medics Web Site
Headquarters Company  KIA List, 1st/12th Cav
A newspaper blurb mentioning the death of Terry Wright, the first KIA in Delta Company.( Article dated November 4, 1965) See below for link to interview.
Vietnam Memorial "Virtual Wall"
Edwin "Lucky" Luckstead Helicopter Crash
Below is an article which includes the action that resulted in PFC Harris, SGT Onana, and PFC Pottkotter KIA, as well as seven other from Delta Company WIA.  It started with capture of an NVA regimental Hospital West of Plei Me, which expanded as the NVA counter-attacked, trying to flee to the sanctuary of Cambodia. The  Recon Platoon was flown into the battle  as a reinforcing element, and received the brunt of US Casualties in the area of the hospital. This action was located not far from  the April 7th aciton where a similar number of Delta were KIA and WIA four months later.
This is a typically sterile and laconic article  summarizing the fire fight on April 7 that killed Sgt Lute, PFC Bailey, PFC Baylor, and wounded every other member of Sgt Lute's squad.  It is an open question, at best, as to who caught whom by surprise. The article was the lead Vietnam article across the major newspapers of the USA on April 8th.
There is another article (which has not been found yet) that says that Recon Platoon 1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry was completely annihilated.
(PFC Bailey died of his wounds on April 8 1966.)
A Brisk Fight.  Dated: April 8, 1966
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, Harry Lute
17 Year Old deaths and Morley Safer and Mary-Jane McKay production of 60 minutes in 1965, in which the Terry Wright's death is discussed. (Click here for full text.)

"To every man upon this earth, death cometh soon or late;
And how can man die better than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods. "
Horatius at the Bridge, Thomas Macaulay

SGT Onana's Letter expressing his views and Page 2 of Capt. Gergulis letter to Overseas Weekly
Captain Gergulis Letter re.  SGT Onana to Overseas Weekly (Page 1)
Letter from overseas Weekly regarding death of SGT Onana
 Visit to Harry Lute's Family

Sgt. Caldwell (upper right) and his wife Barbara visiting with Sgt. Lute's family a few years ago. Sgt. Caldwell died in 2010. Seated lower right is Sgt Lute's younger brother William, who is really his closest relative. Far left seated is Sgt Harry Lute's father, Gabe.  This photo was taken by Sgt Van Kirk (not shown) who was also there to visit Harry Lute's family.  Standing on the Left is 1SGT Joe Fruzzetti, who was in the 2/5th Cav in Vietnam.
Harry Lutes younger brother, William, told many stories about what a good older brother Harry was to him.  Anyone who knew Sgt Lute knows what a good big brother he was to his men.
Photo Provided by Mike Van Kirk
Robert Webb Helicopter Crash info (Page Down in Incident Report to find.)
Harry Lute, on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.
(Provided by Mike Van Kirk)
David O. Bailey from RECON platoon.  He is memorialized on the "Wall" in D.C. and also on this memorial located in his home State of Michigan. (Mt. Pleasant)