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 (Above Photo) From the left, RTO "Pinky" ( no full name), me (Sgt.Gary DeRigne), Montagnard Kit Carson scout "Tak", Sgt. "Big John" Coleman, Sp4 Dave Kaddell, 1LT Peter Connor (KIA October, '69), Sgt. Ernie Kerstetter, Sp4 Tim Pinter. ( All this comes from John Coleman, who sent us the photo a few years ago.)

LZ Grant
Jonathan Wild on the guitar.
Check out  his great song "Keep Old Glory Flying" by clicking here.

A snake that tasted better than C's, but not like chicken.
Third Platoon Delta Co. 1/12th
These Photos were provided by SSG Gary M. DeRigne (some of which he received from Lt Jon Dodson).  Delta Company 1/12th, 1969 and 1970.  (Click to enlarge)
Jonathan B. Dodson and Gary M. DeRigne
1ST Platoon Calling card.  Placed on "Charlie" for his friends .
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