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Jonathan Wild, LZ Grant
These Photos were provided by LT. "Jon" Dodson.  Delta Company 1/12th, 1969 and 1970.  He was 1st and 3rd and  RECON Platoon Leader and then became Delta Company Commander.  Delta participated in  the very successful Cambodian invasion. (Click to enlarge)
Jonathan B. Dodson and Gary M. DeRigne
1ST Platoon Calling card.  Placed on "Charlie" for his friends .
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Third Platoon. Tay Ninh.
Third Platoon Members. Fragman standing on Left
Delta 1st Platoon Tay Ninh, early 1969
RECON Platoon, returning from mission, January 1970
Delta, Fragman sitting and drinking
Lt. Dodson as an FNG, beginning of tour.
FSB Rodney J. Evans during Cambodian invasion, May 1970
FSB Evans, Cambodia
Lt. Dodson, LZ Grant
August 1969

Located along the Song Dong Nai River, Dec. 1969
RECON Platoon CP, January 1969
Gary M. DeRigne, Platoon SGT 3rd PLatoon, August 1969
Tac Sa Manh, Kit Carson Scout 3rd platoon, 1969
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