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More GOFF Photos (page2)
The following pages of photos are provided by Ken Goff, who was a Medic for Delta Company in 1968. He was a Medic at both the Platoon and Company level.  Thanks Ken for the excellent, high quality photos which illustrate an important part of the history of Delta Company, 1/12th, taking us from the coastal area of I Corp (near Quang Tri), all the way across Vietnam to the infamous A Shau valley, (Operation Delaware), and the relief of Khe Sanh (operation Pegasus), plus many other actions.
These photos follow approximately chronologically down the left column and then down the right column. (As always click on the photo to enlarge.  Comments, personnel I.D.s and text for explanation are welcome)

A miracle among devastation
More GOFF Photos on Youtube Click here
More GOFF Photos on Youtube Click here
LT Tom Kjos and  RTO Brian Tierney in Quang Tri Province
LT Tom Kjos (glasses), speaking with MacDonald
Ken Goff (who provided these great pictures)
More GOFF Photos (page2)
Tom Jenkins, Machine Gunner.
John Mc Carthy