Here we have a very interesting set of Photos provided by Roger Hines.   They  illustrate the awesome fact that despite terrible living conditions, and what many Americans would consider genuine suffering, the attitudes of our Delta Company Brothers was very positive. 
 Roger arrived in Vietnam in October of 1968 and was with Delta  Company 1/12th in I Corp (Quang Tri, Ashau, Khe Sanh), II Corp (An Khe, Bong Son), and III Corp (Tay Ninh Province and LZ Grant). Thanks for providing these photos Roger.
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Roger Hines
UBER service in Vietnam
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(unk), Mac, Jimmy, Roger
Paul Neeley (sitting) (KIA), Greg Lindsay (KIA), Jimmy
LT. Ruedisile (Illinois)
1st Squad, 1st Platoon

Mac, Roger
LZ (?), Believed to be in Binh Dinh Province
Bradley, French
Roger, Paul Neeley (KIA)
Standing on Right, James Johnson

LZ Grant, foreground,
Nui Ba Den, "Black Virgin" Mountain Background