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Photos from the First Cavalry Division Reunion at Las Vegas, June 2016
"I do solemly pledge to always keep NUMBER 1 informed..."
Al Freeland, 12th Regiment President (outgoing)
Jim Stokely, Cav Association President (outgoing) with Doug Warden behind, (incoming 12th Regiment President.)
Chuck Rose and Kat March
Denise Freeland (foreground)
Ken Goff and Ron Redalen
Arthur Colbert, Fred and Barbara MacLennan
Jamie Swidecki
Fred MacLennan and John Gergulis
John Gergulis and Chuck Rose
Katherine and Bob March
Tom Kjos, his son-in-law, LTC David Short and Daughter LTC Courtney Short (Ph.D.) and Linda
Chuck Rose
Dwight Edwards
John Gergulis, Delta's first C.O.
Tom Crabtree recited a good Poem
Ken Goff, Medic for Delta
Jamie Swidecki
Ken Goff and Kat March
"Pops" Richard Wilkos
from Delta

John Gergulis, Carolyn Edwards and Dwight Edwards
LTC David Short
LTC Courtney Short (PH.D.)
and her father Tom Kjos (LT. Delta Company '68 )

Honor Guard
John Gergulis, Mike Van Kirk, Diane Johnston, Chuck Rose
Brown Shoe, Cathy, Big Ed, and Carolyn
Fred Lange, Dave Hendrickson, Arthur Colbert, Lonnie Alexander (Doc), Fred MacLennan
Ken Goff, Ron Redalen, John Kirby
John Kirby foreground
LTC's David and Courtney Short