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More great pictures posted by Robert Ruiz, a member of Recon Platoon.  Thanks Robert. This is a treasure trove.  To All: please help identify those whom you recognize.  If you do not see the name, it means we have to figure it out. (Send your comments and possible identification to the webmaster:  recondelta@embarqmail.com. Thanks.)
Heading out somewhere, sling arms.
Waiting to Go on a Mission
Need to identify each individual.   SGT Webb (KIA Oct 1971) on left and Frank Crary sitting, second from right? Chuck Rose or Donald Freed is on the right standing.

Good Old SSG Harvey McLaurin.
He stepped up and "saved our bacon"

Now where did I put that P-38?
Believed to be Royal (Ray) Hooker.

Chuck Rose. Ready.
Bob March to his right.

Carl Colarusso checking the iodine level of his canteen
Edwin "Lucky" Luckstead.  He was with Recon until he became a door gunner, and then KIA late in his tour. (See link on KIA page for details.)
George P Maior, Relaxing with a Pipe.  Where are you now George? George is in Florida and has submitted pictures.
"Head out on the Highway, Looking for Adventure"
Notice the C Rats in the socks. 

SGT Headache.  ID these people please.
TIMBER!   Perhaps clearing fields of fire or making an LZ.  ID?
Bladders. Kept the Hueys Flying
Mountainyards .  They were on our side and able fighters. Too bad for them that we left.
More Local Indigenous
Robert Ruiz,  who has provided these great photos, and Randall Bays
Downtown An Khe
Frank Crary
Platoon Dice Leader
Robert Ruiz with Delta Company Pooch
Made a monkey out of me.
Where is the safety officer?  Standing on the ladder.  State flags in Delta Company area