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SGT Smith, 1965
DUC CO Special Forces Camp. (Early)
These wonderful photos were provided by SGT Franklin R Smith, who was one of the original NCO's to go to Vietnam with Delta Company.  They show a remarkable impression of the life of the local indigenous people, as well as the many challenges facing the newly arrived Delta troopers. Most photos are along Highway 19, near the Cambodian border. SGT Smith later returned to Vietnam in Special Forces.  Last photo on bottom right was provided by SGT Larry Cheney, a friend of SGT Smith.  These men are stalwarts.

SGT Mifflin Tichenor (Believed to have died in a helicopter crash at Ft. Campbell Ky in 1972)
SP4 Donald Freed
Member of RECON Platoon

SGT Smith
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Looks like SSG Hofmister
May be the Song Ba River near Camp Radcliff
Where are they today?

Sgt's Cunningham, Smith, and Robinson
SGT Cunningham leaning on jeep
SSG Hofmister and SGT Smith
SGT Joe Murray, a good friend of SGT Smith's.  He participated in the raid in North Vietnam to recover our POW's (Son Tay, Nov 21, 1970)
SGT. Griffith, SGT Cheney.  Cheney was an FO in RECON and saved our ass with fantastic support from mortars and artillery