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The Most Dangerous Game
Assaults, Patrols, RECON, and Fire Fights
The following linked pages are a partial record of some of the things Delta Company did in Vietnam.  It was not easy, or romantic.  Most of our experience in Vietnam was extreme drudgery and physical hardship, combined at times with stealth, aggression, and even terror.  Most of the pictures we see on this and other web sites  are superficial in nature and do not convey the "whole story". For those of  us who were there, pictures are enough for us to recall  the hardship and the terror.  But for others further clarification is needed. 
Therefore a summary of some of the more "memorable" events is provided here.
Since there were far more of these events than can be adequately addressed, as a starting point we will provide information on fire fights in which several of our own brothers-in-arms were killed in action, or which have historical significance for Delta.  

This page is very much under construction and will be enhanced with maps, recollections, and data, as more information is obtained and interviews are collected.  If You have a particular event that you believe should be included here, please contact: recondelta@embarqmail.com  Several Delta members are travelling to the National Archives to collect more info.  So let us know.
Bloody Shiny Bayonet, 10 Oct 1965
Ia Drang, PLeiku, Chu Pong Delta led the way. Nov 1, 1965
506 Valley, 17 Dec, 1966
Two Streams,
7 April, 1966

The Battle of Tam Quan  December, 1967
6 June, 1968 Quan Tri
A Shau, Khe Sanh, 1968
20 Nov, 1968 (Three KIA's)
26 April, 1969 (Three KIA's)
26 April, 1969 (Three KIA's)
Invasion of Cambodia, May/June 1970
17 July, 1970
Four KIA

The Battle for FSB Pace.  October 1971
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